Cartography Report Edit

The Afflicted represent one of the attempts by Malathier to corrupt the essence of the Thier during the First Age. It is a communicable illness which transforms the flesh of those into monstrous forms. Passed first from Nerendir to her children, the affliction soon spread to Man as well.


Full-Form Edit

Full-Form Afflicted are those who give in completely to their desire to consume flesh. They cannot go out in Elendyl's Light, and must rest during the day, guarded by Half-Forms.

Half-Form Edit


Half-Form Afflicted are those who, in worship of Nerendir, pledge to guard the Full-Forms as they sleep. In order to prevent their bodies from transforming completely, they only drink the blood of the Full-Forms kills, quenching their thirst, but keeping them living in perpetual hunger. They can walk in Elendyl's Light, yet due to their guard of the Full-Forms, tend to keep nocturnal lifestyles, roaming from their dens when the Full-Forms hunt.

'Elders' Edit

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The name 'Elder' is a misnomer, based on man's false assumption--now corrected--that the Elders were the final form of this sickness. In truth, Elder Afflicted are those who chose not to give in to their hunger, to starve themselves and allow the sickness to ravage their body, leading to painful deaths that leave them ill for days, before their minds finally succumb to the hunger and they blindly seek sustenance, usually too weak by this point to do so. Many men of this time frequently consign themselves to being buried alive in coffins in order not to give in to their hunger, leading to the old misconception that the Affliction raised the dead before turning them into carnivorous beasts.