Cartography Report Edit

Dragons are a reptilian race originating from the High North, before the migration and overtake of the Isle of Dragons, when they ousted the gnomes from their natural habitat. There they have been living plentiful lives preying on the smaller innocent creatures for many years. Many of the native inhabitants have gone extinct, and now only a small number of the pigmy creatures remain alive. They do not breath fire, merely have a highly acidic saliva, coupled with a bacterial bite which brings about lethal infection in hours. The dragons gained a reputation for breathing fire from men’s encounter with them on the battlefield, where fire shot at the dragons ignited their volatile saliva, giving the impression for fire breathing. Similarly, as large creatures, they naturally live long lives, and as such the death of a dragon is often widely remembered. This gives way to legends of the dragons dying out, but this is not the case. There have simply been few new dragons born that men can remember.