Cartography Report Edit

Deemed by early Man to be the most beautiful of the Immortals, Nerendir was sought out and raped by Man. As a consequence of this undesired union, she birthed the orc-people. Having discovered the ecstasy of sexual union through violent and fearful means, she continued to seek out this pleasure, eventually falling into a union with Malathier. Malathier planted within Nerendir a seed so small that it could not be seen, but which slowly transformed her body, so that she became also the mother of the Afflicted. With this dark gift, she took delight in vengefully hunting Man for the first time since her defilement, relishing in the feral joys of pure instinct succumbed to. She offered this gift to her children, some of whom accepted, and some of whom turned away from her offer. Those who accepted became the first Afflicted to join her in her hunting of Man. The Nerendira, those who rejected her gift were ashamed by her, yet continued to worship her in silence as The Fallen One.


The Rape of Nerendir